Lost, delayed or damaged luggage?

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If your baggage is delayed, lost or damaged we will fight for your passenger rights

In case of any problem with your luggage you can fight for your rights. Our lawyers have the experience to analyze each case individualy to get the best results for your claim for delayed, lost or damaged baggage and no advance payment is required. We will keep you informed at all stages of the claim process and will inform you about the compensation received from the airline. When you win your case we will charge you 25% + VAT. You can claim up to 1 350 euros for baggage problems and you do not have to pay in advance. 

How to make a claim?​

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We will analyze your case

We analyze each case individualy to get the best results for you

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We fight for your passenger rights to get the maximum amount of compensation

Claim your compensation for luggage problems


Types of flight claims

Flight Delay Claim


Claim your compensation in case of flight delay of more than 3 hours.

Flight cancelation claim


You can claim up to 600€ for cancelled flight

Denied boarding claim


Claim your compensation for denied boarding

Luggage problems claim

Luggage Problems

Get compensation from the airline for lost or damaged baggage

Missed conection claim


We will help you to get your compensation in case of missed connection


Claim your compensation for Overbooked flight

Commonly claimed airlines

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What compensation can I get for flight delay?

Frequently asked questions about the flight delay

What to do if my luggage does not turn up at the baggage carousel ?

  • If your luggage fails to turn up at the baggage carousel it may be lost or delayed. The first thing you have to do before leaving the airport is to go to the airline’s help desk where you’ll be asked to fill out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

what to do if the baggage is worth more than the compansation?

  • Unless you increased the liability limit on a checked bag with a special declaration of interest you can not receive a higher amount than the mandatory compensation.

What are the claim deadlines?

  • Your baggage is declared officially lost after 21 days and you should contact the company as soon as possible after this.
  • In case of delayed or missing baggage you have 21 days to make a claim – this starts from the day the flight arrives

Who is responsable for lost or delayed luggage?

  • Airlines are liable for lost, destroyed or damaged luggage when it has been checked in.
  • When you check in your luggage, the airline gives you an identification slip of the luggage that you must keep in order to claim in case of problems with your baggage.

Check if you can claim for luggage problems

Check quickly if you can claim for luggage problems. Remember that you do not have to pay in advance. You just have to provide some information about your flight and we will inform you immediately of the estimated compensation that you can request.

How much can you claim?

Up to 1 350 € per  passenger

Problems with your luggage?

We will take care of your claim for lost, delayed or damaged luggage with the maximum guarantees. Contact us and we will claim for you.